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I‘d like to welcome back this Limited Edition Bar! She was so cute, I had to revise her and keep her in stock. You’ll quickly fall in love with her new look and new smell. 

Ingredients: saponified oil of Coconut Oil & Olive Oil. Made with water colored with Annatto Seed oil infusion & Kaolin Clay. Homemade dehydrated orange slices. 

Fragrance: paraben & phthalate free; Orange Blossom 

How to: it’s soap, made for cleansing; you know like when you wash your hands after you use the bathroom, before you eat, or after you just hauled in all those packages from your recent orders.

Wet the bar, loofa, washcloth, or whatever you want to use, rub on desired area, lather, rinse, repeat if necessary. If you need help figuring this out, ask an adulty adult. Keep it out of your eyes. For external use only. 

Discontinue use IMMEDIATELY if reaction occurs. 

Net Weight: 85 grams 

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